MANAGING COMMITTEE FROM 30.04.2017 TO 29.04.2020 Copy of Minutes of Special General Meeting & Election held on 30.04.2017 of Elections conducted by Raminder Singh Sahota, Advocate and Administrator of the Society appointed under section 35(5) of the DCS Act, 2003.

Registration Certificate of the Society Certificate of Registration

Bye-Laws registered with RCS Bye Laws registered with RCS 

Standardized Annexure to Bye Laws Annexure

Delhi Co-operative Societies Rules, 2007 Delhi Co-operative Societies Rules, 2007

Delhi Co-operative Societies Act, 2003 The-Delhi-Co-operative-Societies-Act-2003

Total number of flats = 93; Allotted=91, Un-allotted=2


  1. Secretary: vacant
  2. Manager cum Care Taker: Mr. Amit Kumar, Timings 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mob:+918077476209. Thursday Off. Can be contacted 24 X 7 in case of any emergency for Society.
  3. Accountant: Mr. Anit Kumar, Prop. M/S Kumar Chauhan Associates, Working days: Tuesdays 2 to 6 pm and Saturdays; 4 to 6 p.m. Mob: 9999623382
  4. Security: Mr. SK Singh, Prop M/S Shakti Enterprises, 24 x 7, Mob: 9810851137; 2 Security Supervisors, 4 Security Guards.
  5. Electrician: Mr. Ashok, Timings 11 am to 7 pm, Wednesday Off, Mob: 9958344397
  6. Plumber: Mr. Rakeeb Khan, Timings 10 am to 6 pm, Friday Off, Mob: 8826182284
  7. Two Sweepers: Duty 8 am to 2 pm, Telephone care of Care taker. 
  8. Note: Any non-defaulter flat feeling necessity of Plumber or Electrician may call them in off time and will pay Rs.200/- direct to them. If society calls during off timings for society emergency during off hours, it will also pay Rs.200/- direct to them. Record of calling by Society shall be kept by Security at Guard Room / Manager/ Caretaker.

Visitors may click below to see the orders of the Registrar of co-operative societies, New Delhi.


Another order of RCS says that the web sites shall be in public domain Website+Making+of+Societies+Regarding+Observations+Made+by+Delhi+Cooperative+Tribunal+++


No ID or Password is given to members or any authority and no restriction is made to public to view any of the particulars. This is similar to particulars of public on the web sites of DDA, Licensing authorities, Ministry of corporate affairs, Election Commission of India and many others to name. Day is not far when particulars of public shall be interlinked on web sites of all authorities in India.


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